Alexis Endicott

D.O.B.:  2/17/1997

Racing Category:  4

Resides:  Fort Worth, TX

Height:  5'6

Specialty:  Climbing, TBD :-)

Previous Sports:  Cross Country

Years Racing:  1

Colleges Attended:  Texas Christian University

Degree:  Nutrition Science


Alexis, or Lexi to most, one of six sisters, spent her formative years focused on Cross Country in her hometown of

Boise, ID.  After completing her studies at TCU and becoming a registered dietitian, Lexi changed her focus from marathons and took to bike riding.  Encouraged by Elevate Cycling Club members, she began racing in 2019 and has progressed rapidly.  Lexi represents our investment in the future and we're confident she'll deliver results in sport - but also in terms of community, all the while with her upbeat, natural style.